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Videos youtube y letra de la canción Maybe de Enrique Iglesias. Puedes cantar mientras escuchas la canción Maybe interpretada por Enrique Iglesias.

Maybe Video

Enrique Iglesias - Maybe (Official Video)
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Maybe Letra

If i had one single wish
I’d go back to the moment i kissed
You goodbye
No matter how hard i try
I can’t live
Without you in my life

Maybe you’ll say you still want me
Maybe you’ll say that you don’t
Maybe we said it was over
But baby i can’t let you go

I walk around trying to understand!!!!
Where we went wrong
And i can’t pretend
It wasn’t me
And it wasn’t you
But i’m convinced
We gave up too soon

Nothing left to lose
After losing you
There’s nothing i can’t take
When i run to you
When i come for you
Don’t tell me i’m too late

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